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Our Projects

Welcome to Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C.:

Advancing Ecological Restoration and Ecosystem Resilience

At Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C., we are dedicated to healing our planet by restoring damaged ecosystems and promoting actions for ecosystem resilience. With a focus on research, education, and innovation, we strive to create a sustainable future where biodiversity thrives and ecosystems flourish.


Here's how we're making a difference:

Habitat Restoration and Carbon Sequestration:
- We recognize habitat destruction as a significant driver of species loss and environmental degradation. Through restoration ecology, we aim to repair and recreate damaged ecosystems, benefiting both biodiversity and human well-being.
- Our ongoing efforts include restoring a 39-ha biological reserve to a tropical forest and utilizing it as a demonstration site for habitat restoration practices.

Research and Innovation:
- In collaboration with local and international universities, our field station scientists conduct research on rare species ecology, ecosystem integrity, conservation planning, and ecological restoration.
- Our research spans regenerative agriculture, tissue culture, biodiversity studies, and monitoring of deforestation and biodiversity indicators.
- The innovation laboratory focuses on developing unique solutions to local and global environmental challenges.


- We offer a multifaceted approach to eco-education, empowering students of all ages and backgrounds to learn about local ecology and environmental issues.
- Our educational programs include student research internship programs, community workshops, nature-based solutions, regenerative farming techniques, and biodiversity studies.
- Through our Planet Healers YouTube Channel, we share knowledge and inspire people worldwide to contribute to a sustainable future.


Infrastructure Development:
- From fixing windmills to establishing permaculture gardens, we have been building essential infrastructure to support our research and education initiatives.
- Our ongoing projects include constructing classrooms, offices, solar power systems, and housing for students and volunteers.












Get Involved:
- Join us in our mission to restore ecosystems, sequester carbon, and promote environmental sustainability.
- Support our fundraising efforts to develop essential infrastructure and expand our research and education programs.
- Follow us on social media to stay updated on our progress and upcoming events.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against habitat destruction and climate change.

Join us at Resilient Ecosystems Institute and be a part of the solution.

Intern treeplanting
Gathering of ecoinnovators at Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C.
Nursery at Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C.
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