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magnificent mayan jungle, archeological rocks, bígaros trees and golden glyphos on the roc

Thank you for your generous support! With your contribution, we are poised to lead by example in the realm of ecological restoration and regenerative living. Your confidence in our work inspires us to work even harder to fulfill our promises.

With your help, we will continue our mission to heal and restore our planet's precious ecosystems. Together, we'll create high-quality ecological restoration, research and ecology projects that educate and inspire others to join us in our efforts.

Your generosity lights the way forward, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership on this journey toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

Warm regards,

Paul Morris Founder, Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C


Mission Statement: Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C. is advancing the conservation and restoration of the world's ecosystems through education, research, and action.


Our first Project is a 39-ha former ranch that has a beautiful cenote and Mayan ruins. The property is being restored to a tropical dry forest. The biological research center has permaculture, food forest,  local biodiversity botanical gardens, and eco-technique demonstrations. We have space for 6 interns or research students.


Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration course

Resilient Ecosystems Institute is exploring research partnerships with universities to study Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecological Restoration, eco-innovation and eco-agriculture.

Students doing Research at Resilient Ecosystems Institute

Let's restore millions of hectares of biologically diverse and Resilient Ecosystems!


We know how to do it so help us meet our goal!

Restore biodiversity,

community resilience,

ecosystem functions. We will do it in our lifetime!

Action - Restoration of Resilient Ecosystems in Latin America

Our Partners

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