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Join Us in Preserving Our Planet!

Welcome to the Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C., where every donation counts towards the preservation and restoration of our world's precious ecosystems.

Our Mission:

At Resilient Ecosystems Institute, we're on a mission to advance the conservation and restoration of ecosystems worldwide through education, research, and action.

Your Support Matters:

By donating to our cause, you're not just giving; you're showing your love for the planet and making a tangible difference in its future. Your generosity helps fund vital projects, from habitat restoration to species conservation, ensuring a sustainable environment for generations to come.

Monthly Donation Levels:

Morpho Butterfly: $5/month - Receive a mini print as a token of our appreciation.
Toh: $15/month - Enjoy an exclusive poster showcasing the beauty of nature.
Gecho: $30/month - Receive an exclusive T-shirt to wear with pride.
Yucatan Parrot: $45/month - Cozy up in a hoodie featuring our logo.
Brocket Deer: $90/month - Get exclusive merchandise to show your support.
Ceiba Tree: $180/month - Access more exclusive merchandise as a thank you for your continued support.
Jaguar: $360/month - Receive premium merchandise and special recognition for your generous contribution.

Become a Patron Today! 

Your commitment as a sustaining patron fuels our efforts to protect and restore ecosystems around the globe.

Join us in this noble cause and make a lasting impact.

One-Time Donation: 

Prefer to make a one-time contribution?

Become a Spontaneous Supporter with a donation of any amount and help us continue our vital work.

Other Ways to Support:  

Explore other options to support our mission, including ecotours, internships, workshops, courses, and suggesting sources of funds. Every action counts in our collective effort to protect our planet.

Spread the Word:  

Sharing our posts and spreading awareness about our initiatives amplifies our impact. Together, we can inspire others to join our cause and create a brighter, greener future for all.

Join Us in Our Mission Today!
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David Morris and Elaine McGregor-Morris   

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Christopher Luginbuhl                           

Cage Aaron 

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Your generous support will help fund projects like:

- Biochar Production course taught -2017 
- Ecological Restoration Course July 2017
- Ecotours began - Nov 2018
- YouTube Videos - many live and in production!
- "Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration" online course in partnership with the Soil Food Web School and Ecosystem Restoration Communities live - Nov 2022
- "Fundamentals of Ecosystems Restoration" Field Course - Feb 2024
- People involved in our project - 260+ (19 countries) visitors, students, volunteers, 3 thesis projects with 2 universities.
- Community training and outreach - Needed


- Shadehouse for nursery - Nov 2016
- Tropical Jungle Restoration Camp - 8Ha July 2017
- Food Forest - 3 Ha Sept 2017
- Drinking pools for wildlife - 1. Sept 2017, 2. Apr 2019, 3. 2021, 4. 2022
- 1 acre of food forest with irrigation - Oct 2018
- 2 acres more of food forest with irrigation - July 2019 
- Native tree and vegetation planting: 335 trees in food forest (60-70 species), 1000+ trees planted, 300+ plants, 8 ha seeded- ongoing 
- The focus has been on restoring the less disturbed east half of the property and future efforts will be focused on the more degraded western half.


- 2 Mexican indigenous women environmental engineering students 4 month thesis Internships - Aug 2017
- Student biodiversity thesis on ants, 50 new species for the Yucatan added - Dec 2018
- Inventory of Cenotes in the Yucatan - 2018
- Botanical garden of local native plants - May 2023
- Laboratory for tissue culture propagation, fungi propagation, biological monitoring, eDNA, acoustic, soils - In progress 
- Connecting and partnering with local and international universities - ongoing


- Fixing the windmill to pump water - June 2016
- Restoring the house for volunteers - Aug 2016
- Ladder into the cenote - Sept 2016
- Showers and water system - Sept 2016
- Permaculture gardens begun - Oct 2016
- Composting toilet - basic Nov 2016
- Hand clothes wash area - Dec 2016
- Grey water system - Mar 2017
- Campground established - Mar 2017
- Tinyhome for 2 volunteers - Aug 2017
- Steps to the cenote Sept 2017
- Sacred Fire area - Oct 2018
- Kitchen and eating area for students and workshops - Jan 2019
- Internet installed - Jan 2019
- Upgraded compost washroom - Feb 2019
- Solar power - 1000W added Mar 2019
- Housing for 4 more students - Mar 2019
- Workshop area - in progress Apr 2019
- Windmill 400W installed - May 2020
- Incorporate the nonprofit - Mar 2024
- More solar panels and batteries - Needed
- Solar water pump - Needed
- Solar water heater - Needed
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